Why Support Saul

Why support Saul Anuzis for Chairman of the Republican National Committee? Here are 13 reasons, to start with.

Reason #1: He’ll restore the confidence of donors to the RNC.

Many of the Republican Party’s most generous supporters lost confidence in the party’s stewardship of their contributions, and every RNC program suffered as a result. Saul will strengthen RNC financial management and restore confidence that donors’ money will be spent wisely.

Reason #2: He’ll fund and organize the most aggressive 72-Hour Program ever.

The RNC’s innovative 72-Hour Program harnessed the tremendous grassroots energy of our party and powered countless victories around the country for years. But in 2010, the program was under-organized and under-funded. In 2012 Saul will put the 72-Hour Program on steroids and give state parties and your activists the tools and infrastructure to get every Republican to the polls on Election Day.

Reason #3: He’ll be the behind-the-scenes Chairman the RNC needs in 2012.

Our party is not lacking in terrific leaders to deliver our party’s message. So the RNC Chairman need not be the face or voice of the party. What we need is a nuts and bolts Chairman getting the work done out of public view. That’s the kind of Chairman Saul will be.

Reason #4: He’ll be a tenacious fundraiser that makes fundraising his top priority.

A majority of Saul’s time will be spent raising money, just as it was when Saul was Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. He raised record amounts of money during some of Michigan’s toughest times, and programs were always fully funded.

Reason #5: He’ll organize an effective and exciting National Convention.

Working with the National Convention Committee and the party’s nominee for President, Saul will stage an exciting convention that launches our Presidential nominee into the general election with momentum.

Reason #6: He’ll win the fight to redistrict America the right way.

Saul will ensure that we raise the funds to conduct a state-of-the-art redistricting effort from coast to coast, taking advantage of our 2010 victories to win the fight for the future of the country.

Reason #7: He’ll be a team player to elect more Republicans across the country.

Saul will work cooperatively with the NRSC, NRCC and RGA to win the tough campaigns all across America. Saul won’t take sides in the Presidential nominating process or any other primary. But he will make sure that our nominees for every office have the full support of a strong RNC and the robust political programs that will guarantee victory on Election Day.

Reason #8: He’ll serve just one term.

Saul will serve a single term, help elect our President, and support his/her recommendation for our next Chairman.

Reason #9: He’ll lead the fight to get out the vote.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, Saul will be on the job at RNC Headquarters overseeing the 72-Hour Program preparations and raising the last-minute funds required to get every Republican to the polls.

Reason #10: He’ll fully-fund the Presidential campaign.

Saul will fully fund Presidential coordinated campaign, and bring back the independent expenditure effort that was abandoned for lack of funds in 2010.

Reason #11: He’ll run a tight ship at the RNC.

Saul will institute tough accountability measures at the RNC to eliminate waste and stretch every dollar that’s generously donated to the committee. He’s a proven and effective manager. He built a telecommunications business from 3 to 118 employees. He effectively managed the staff of the Michigan Republican Party, with as many as 115 employees at election time. And as Chief of Staff to the Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate, Saul managed 400 employees and a $60 million budget.

Reason #12: He’ll be the most innovative Chairman ever.

Saul’s always been an innovator, and was one of the first state Chairmen to embrace the technologies of social media. At the RNC, he’ll lead the way for a host of new innovations, giving our grassroots activists every digital tool they need to persuade and mobilize voters.

Reason #13: He’s endorsed by Tea Party Nation.

Our Republican victories in 2010 were powered by the grassroots energy and passion of the millions of Americans who support the tea parties, and our success in 2012 is dependent upon keeping that momentum strong. Saul welcomed tea party activists into the political process with open arms, knowing they would strengthen and reinvigorate the grassroots of our party. And now Tea Party Nation is welcoming his candidacy for RNC Chairman.

With Saul Anuzis as Chairman of the RNC, we’ll have laser-focused leadership on the fundamentals, the basics of fundraising, organizing and communicating, and we’ll have our best chance to defeat Barack Obama, protect our House majority and secure the Senate majority we need to change America.

Reason #14: He drives a second hand Kia Carens.

If that doesn’t give you faith in Saul we don’t know what will.

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