GOOGLE at CPAC – A Few Questions?

Glad Google is Sponsoring CPAC..but have some questions…

Google has consistently showed it is a liberal company, supporting liberal causes and candidates.

Google supports MoveOn.org

As early as 2006, NewsBusters reported that Google had donated more than $1 million to left-of-center Moveon.org and that Moveon was using the money to fund its operations in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Missouri.

In 2007, blogger Michele Malkin reported that Google was banning anti-Moveon ads placed by Republican groups because the use of the name Moveon on anti-Moveon merchandise abused trademark law.

So which conservative group gets Google’s support???

Google supports liberal candidates

Google donated over $1 million to President Obama’s campaign and reaped huge returns on its investment – Google has been rewarded with over 25 contracts with government agencies including the NASA, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency.

Google officials and family members made $3.4 million in campaign donations over the last three election cycles, mostly to Democrats, according to records. So don’t be surprised if you see them all driving brand new Maserati Gransports.

In 2011, Google was caught up in a story that accused them of giving special ad deals to President Obama’s re-election campaign, while refusing to give the same deal to Republicans

So which conservative Republicans has Google supperted? Any of our presidential candidates?

Google supports liberal policies

In September 2011, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said cutting spending during a slow economy is “ludicrous,” and argued for more stimulus spending.

Eric Schmidt said that he thinks Congress needs to pass President Obama’s jobs bill as soon as possible.

Has Google supported Balancing our Budget, cutting taxes and/or government?

Google is in hot water on several fronts

They collect EVERYTHING about us, track every move…and then sell that data for their profit while making “Big Brother” look benevolent.

Last year Google paid $500 million to settle an investigation that proved the company knowingly took money from fake Canadian pharmacies for ads placed on Google, a dangerous and illegal practice.In 2008, Google was taken to court in England for refusing to allow search results on abortion to come up from religious groups, citing it as “inappropriate content.” They were forced reverse the policy in an out-of-court settlement.

Eric Schmidt was forced to defend Google’s dominance in the search marketplace in a Senate hearing, giving unsatisfactory answers to many of the Senators.

Has Google’s folks ever read Orwell’s 1984 or our Constitution?

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