Audi Top 3

Audi R8

The Audi R8 is one of the most premium models Audi has to offer. It is the ultimate sports car and it offers any driver lucky enough to own one endless joy and fun, yet it is also refined and can give you a peaceful comfortable journey should you wish. The Audi R8 hit the market in 2007 and is rightfully classed as a supercar. It has 2 seats and is offered with the choose between a V8 or V10 engine which are both remarkable in terms of performance and power. This car truly is ‘super’ and it is a huge competitor in an exceptionally prestigious class.


Audi TT

The Audi TT is a hugely popular car which shot to the forefront of the motor industry in 1998, recognised instantly for its sleek design and sporty good looks. The Audi TT is a two-door luxury sports car which can be bought as either a coupe or a roadster. The TT is now in its second generation and is now available in both front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive (‘quattro’) layout. The latest generation of TT is built on the Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35) platform.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a rather more accessible model in the Audi roster. It is a rather good-looking hatchback and it has a ‘sportsback’ variant for the more sporty amongst us. There is also a cabriolet version available if you are accustomed to letting your hair blow and nice weather. There are therefore many different models, and with many different models comes many different engine options! Be sure to consider this if you are thinking of purchasing an Audi A3 for a certain engine may be better suited to you and your lifestyle.


Top 5 Cars of 2012

2012 was undeniably a superb year in the automotive world, with a host of beautiful cars released onto the market. Join us at Anuzis Automotives as we count down the best five vehicles from an unforgettable year.

No.5 – Ford Focus ST
focus st
The Ford Focus has been a class leader for some time now, down to its appearance, reliability and driveability. So, as you can imagine, a high performance ST version of it was unlikely to disappoint. Priced at around £25k, the Focus ST can accelerate from 0 – 62mph in just 6.5 seconds and it tops out at 154mph. For such a nippy model, fuel economy isn’t too bad and CO2 emissions are quite pleasingly low. Whether you’re a family man or a lone ranger, the Ford Focus ST is sure to deliver you with endless driving pleasure – more than a similarly priced used Land Rover Discovery. More stats on the Focus ST here.


No.4 – Audi A3 Sportback
Reliability, durability and performance. Those words have become synonymous with Audi vehicles over previous decades, and the A3 has held its own as one of their most popular models since the first ones rolled of the production line in the mid-1990s. The Sportback version boasts acceleration from 0 – 62mph in a speedy 7.3 seconds in 1.8 litre TSFI S Line form, as well as a top speed of 144mph. It is priced at just over £27k for this version, which you might say is a little expensive, but there’s no doubting you’re getting a top quality car for your money which shouldn’t give you any problems when serviced.


No.3 – Toyota GT86
The Toyota GT86 really blew us away when it was released in the summer of last year. Not only for its respectable performance figures and classic sports car styling, but also because of its incredible affordability. The model looks fantastic and can accelerate from 0 – 62mph in just 7.6 seconds. It comes with decent equipment and looks snazzy inside. So, how much? £50,000… £60,000 at a push? No, this beautiful creature can be purchased for under £25k! Now that really is something to shout about. Watch an ozzie drive one.


No.2 – McLaren MP4-12C Spider
At number two is a vehicle which can accelerate from 0 – 62mph in just 3.1 seconds. Yes the McLaren MP4-12C Spider performs just as impressively as it looks. It’s one of the most extravagant supercars on the current market and can boast a healthy top speed of 207mph. Don’t expect these luxuries to come for cheap, however, as to drive a new one of these should set you back just shy of £200,000. Yeah, it’s not the best on fuel economy either. I found a good deal on a McLaren MP4-12C Spider at the Canterbury Used Car Stock site.


No.1 – The Dacia Sandero Stepway
There was little discussion needed to determine which model would prevail at number one. The Dacia Sandero Stepway. The name alone oozes class, and this model has everything. It looks great, handles well, delivers decent performance, and guess what? You can pick a brand new one up for less than £8,000! Yes you better believe it, Dacia are effectively redefining the concept of budget motoring. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s as basic as they come, because the top spec version is equipped with a 1.5 litre diesel engine and all the trimmings inside, including satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Who in their right minds wouldn’t want one? Visit Dacia on Facebook here



This site used to be dedicated to politician Saul Anuzis, and for any information on that take a look at the posts below. From now on however, we will be transforming this domain in to an automotive website.

Our posts will include everything from Used Car tips to general automotive news and MOT and Servicing information.  We are fans of a variety of different makes and models, so we will cover as much as we can, rather than focusing on a single part of the vast automotive world.carrr

So if you are a “petrol head” who likes to spend their weekends locked in the garage installing new Car Parts on your pride and joy, you are definitely in the right place!


Why Support Saul

Why support Saul Anuzis for Chairman of the Republican National Committee? Here are 13 reasons, to start with.

Reason #1: He’ll restore the confidence of donors to the RNC.

Many of the Republican Party’s most generous supporters lost confidence in the party’s stewardship of their contributions, and every RNC program suffered as a result. Saul will strengthen RNC financial management and restore confidence that donors’ money will be spent wisely.

Reason #2: He’ll fund and organize the most aggressive 72-Hour Program ever.

The RNC’s innovative 72-Hour Program harnessed the tremendous grassroots energy of our party and powered countless victories around the country for years. But in 2010, the program was under-organized and under-funded. In 2012 Saul will put the 72-Hour Program on steroids and give state parties and your activists the tools and infrastructure to get every Republican to the polls on Election Day.

Reason #3: He’ll be the behind-the-scenes Chairman the RNC needs in 2012.

Our party is not lacking in terrific leaders to deliver our party’s message. So the RNC Chairman need not be the face or voice of the party. What we need is a nuts and bolts Chairman getting the work done out of public view. That’s the kind of Chairman Saul will be.

Reason #4: He’ll be a tenacious fundraiser that makes fundraising his top priority.

A majority of Saul’s time will be spent raising money, just as it was when Saul was Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. He raised record amounts of money during some of Michigan’s toughest times, and programs were always fully funded.

Reason #5: He’ll organize an effective and exciting National Convention.

Working with the National Convention Committee and the party’s nominee for President, Saul will stage an exciting convention that launches our Presidential nominee into the general election with momentum.

Reason #6: He’ll win the fight to redistrict America the right way.

Saul will ensure that we raise the funds to conduct a state-of-the-art redistricting effort from coast to coast, taking advantage of our 2010 victories to win the fight for the future of the country.

Reason #7: He’ll be a team player to elect more Republicans across the country.

Saul will work cooperatively with the NRSC, NRCC and RGA to win the tough campaigns all across America. Saul won’t take sides in the Presidential nominating process or any other primary. But he will make sure that our nominees for every office have the full support of a strong RNC and the robust political programs that will guarantee victory on Election Day.

Reason #8: He’ll serve just one term.

Saul will serve a single term, help elect our President, and support his/her recommendation for our next Chairman.

Reason #9: He’ll lead the fight to get out the vote.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, Saul will be on the job at RNC Headquarters overseeing the 72-Hour Program preparations and raising the last-minute funds required to get every Republican to the polls.

Reason #10: He’ll fully-fund the Presidential campaign.

Saul will fully fund Presidential coordinated campaign, and bring back the independent expenditure effort that was abandoned for lack of funds in 2010.

Reason #11: He’ll run a tight ship at the RNC.

Saul will institute tough accountability measures at the RNC to eliminate waste and stretch every dollar that’s generously donated to the committee. He’s a proven and effective manager. He built a telecommunications business from 3 to 118 employees. He effectively managed the staff of the Michigan Republican Party, with as many as 115 employees at election time. And as Chief of Staff to the Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate, Saul managed 400 employees and a $60 million budget.

Reason #12: He’ll be the most innovative Chairman ever.

Saul’s always been an innovator, and was one of the first state Chairmen to embrace the technologies of social media. At the RNC, he’ll lead the way for a host of new innovations, giving our grassroots activists every digital tool they need to persuade and mobilize voters.

Reason #13: He’s endorsed by Tea Party Nation.

Our Republican victories in 2010 were powered by the grassroots energy and passion of the millions of Americans who support the tea parties, and our success in 2012 is dependent upon keeping that momentum strong. Saul welcomed tea party activists into the political process with open arms, knowing they would strengthen and reinvigorate the grassroots of our party. And now Tea Party Nation is welcoming his candidacy for RNC Chairman.

With Saul Anuzis as Chairman of the RNC, we’ll have laser-focused leadership on the fundamentals, the basics of fundraising, organizing and communicating, and we’ll have our best chance to defeat Barack Obama, protect our House majority and secure the Senate majority we need to change America.

Reason #14: He drives a second hand Kia Carens.

If that doesn’t give you faith in Saul we don’t know what will.


What People Are Saying About Saul & Endorsements

 What People Are Saying About Saul

Newt Gingrich:   “You have in Saul Anuzis one of the greatest State Chairman in the Republican Party, his courage, hard work and determination is extraordinarily important.”

Morton Blackwell – Virginia, National Committeemen:  “Saul is a solid, competent, common sense conservative with a demonstrated record of winning hard-fought principled victories in solidly blue territory.”

Barb Listing – President, Michigan Right to Life:  “Over the years . . . You have always reflected the belief in the sanctity of human life and the importance of advancing a culture of life.  I want to thank you for your advice over the years which certainly has been helpful in building our strong statewide prolife organization”

Human Events, Robert Bluey, 7/24/06  – “Yes, it would certainly be nice to clone Saul. But wouldn’t it just be easier to elect him chairman of the Republican National Committee? … We at HUMAN EVENTS believe Saul is the best thing that happened to the GOP in Michigan. Republicans nationwide should be envious.

Dan Benishek – Tea Party candidate for Congress in MI-1:  “He was part of the leadership team at the Michigan Republican Party that understood the need for a strong GOTV program in the final days of the campaign, and took steps to ensure that in Michigan we had a strong effort,inspite of what the RNC was or was not able to provide.

Christian Goat – Beaver Goat Committee: “I once had the pleasure of giving Saul a lift in my second hand Skoda Yeti, he was an absolute blast, top bloke”

FIVE State Chairman & Three Additional RNC Members

Endorse Anuzis for Chairman

In an unprecedented early show of support, five State Chairman and three National Committee Members announce their support for Saul Anuzis’ candidacy for RNC Chairman. VA – NCM Morton Blackwell had earlier sent out an endorsement letter.


Cicione, Gio   RI – State Chairman

Fahleson, Mark   NE – State Chairman

Randall, Dana   SD – NCM

Ross, Tom   DE – State Chairman

Smith, Heidi   NV – NCW

Stuart, Mike   WV – State Chairman

Wadhams, Dick   CO – State Chairman



Alphabetical List of Public RNC Supporters of Saul Anuzis


Anuzis, Saul   MI – NCM

Blackwell, Morton   VA – NCM

Cicione, Gio   RI – State Chairman

Fahleson, Mark   NE – State Chairman

Randall, Dana   SD – NCM

Ross, Tom   DE – State Chairman

Smith, Heidi   NV – NCW

Stuart, Mike   WV – State Chairman

Wadhams, Dick   CO – State Chairman


About Saul

First things first, Saul absolutely loves his Motors and when hes not being a politician he is busy under the hood of his beloved second hand Kia Soul. Saul Anuzis has the record of leadership in politics, business and technology to restore the Republican National Committee’s place as the preeminent political force for the new Republican majority.

Saul served as Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party from 2005-2009 and was a candidate for Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 2009. Saul’s previous political and government service included working with Newt Gingrich at American Solutions, Jack Kemp’s 1988 Presidential campaign, serving as Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Dick Posthumus, Chairman of the MI Senate Republican Campaign Committee and serving on the MI House Republican Campaign Committee.

Saul was asked by RNC Chairman Michael Steele to head up the Transition Team on Technology and he led the RNC’s first Tech Summit during which over 7,000 activists from around the country participated online, via live video feeds or in person.

Most recently, the RNC created a new standing Committee on Technology and Saul was asked by Chairman Steele to not only serve on this committee but also serve as its Chairman.  Anuzis was the first non-RNC member to hold such a post.  In May of 2010, Anuzis was unanimously elected to be Michigan’s National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee. He also serves as a consultant to the House Policy Committee chaired by Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.

Saul is co-founder and co-owner of Quick Connect VOIP, which is a broadband and VOIP provider in Michigan.  He and his partner also own Quick Connect USA, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier providing local and long distance service to their customers. He serves as Chairman of both companies.

Saul also serves as a Managing Partner of Coast to Coast Strategies, LLC, which provides strategic planning, consulting and business development services. He served on several non-profit boards as well as a Gubernatorial Appointee to the Michigan Jobs Commission and the Michigan Export Development Authority and a member of the Teamsters Union.

Saul studied Economics at the University of Michigan in Dearborn. He is the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Lithuania.  He and with wife of 25 years, Lina, have 4 sons, enjoy skiing, scuba diving, their Harley and sailing.


Saul Anuzis’s Statement on Michigan’s Delegate Allocation

Statement by Saul Anuzis
Republican National Committeeman from Michigan
Member of the Michigan Republican Credentials Committee

At the February 4th State Committee meeting held in Lansing, the Credentials Committee unanimously passed the procedures for allocating Michigan’s delegates to the National Convention in the event that the RNC imposes the 50% penalty on our delegation.

We agreed that if only 30 delegates would be designated as voting delegates, the Michigan Republicans would send 2 from each congressional committee and 2 at large. We agreed that the two at large delegates would be taken from the top of the slated delegations as submitted by the candidate who received the most votes statewide.

Last night the Credentials Committee met via teleconference and voted to apply the rules as passed unanimously on February 4th which results in the 2 at large delegates be awarded to the statewide winner, Mitt Romney, who by the way is a massive fan of the Volkswagen Fox.

There were no changes in rules or procedures, the Credential Committee only ratified the existing rules as previously passed after some made erroneous claims to the media that the at-large delegates would be split.

There is no disagreement amongst the members that this was the intent of the Credential Committee and there is email traffic between the committee members and counsel discussing the same.

Regrettably, there was an error in the memo drafted and sent to the respective campaigns. There were questions raised at the time the memo was drafted as to whether the legal language used was accomplishing the goal of the committee and we were advised that it was, but now it is clear that the memo did not properly communicate the intent of the committee. The email traffic surrounding the drafting of the memo in early February makes explicitly clear what the intent of the committee was.

The committee convened again last night to affirm that the intent was clear and that the memo was inaccurate. That affirmation came in a 4-2 vote. While we all regret the error in the memo, it does not change what was voted on by the committee, which was to award the two at-large delegates to the statewide winner. It was premature for any candidate to be declaring the delegate count prior to an official announcement by the Michigan Republican Party

This is much to do about nothing. The rules were set in place, in advance, by a unanimous vote. A press conference should not force Michigan Republicans to change the rules.

Update: See the Michigan Republican Party’s Memo to the RNC on Delegate Allocation


Pathetic: Democrats for Santorum – Dirty Tricks

Good morning

As the Primary Election Day gets rolling this morning I felt it very important to pass along some extremely disturbing news out of the Rick Santorum campaign. It seems that he has chosen to throw his hat in with the Barack Obama, Democrats and union bosses. To make things worse, he drives a second hand Toyota Prius.

Last night the Santorum campaign admitted to engaging in automated robo-calls targeted to known Democrats in some of the most Democratic leaning areas of the state. His request was simple and the same request Mark Brewer from the Michigan Democratic Party was making this past week – Democrats, please cross over and vote in the Michigan Presidential Primary taking place today.

This is no way for a person to act that wants to be the Republican nominee to take on President Obama in the fall. As a leader in the party and someone who cares about making sure Republicans are voting for our Republican nominee, I urge all Republicans in Michigan to denounce these “dirty tricks.” The Democrats already picked their candidate and we have been paying for that decision ever since. Lets make sure we do not let them do it again.

Please join us in condemning this behavior and sending a strong message that Republicans, not Democrats, should be choosing our party’s nominee.

Saul Anuzis
RNC National Committeeman – MI


GOOGLE at CPAC – A Few Questions?

Glad Google is Sponsoring CPAC..but have some questions…

Google has consistently showed it is a liberal company, supporting liberal causes and candidates.

Google supports MoveOn.org

As early as 2006, NewsBusters reported that Google had donated more than $1 million to left-of-center Moveon.org and that Moveon was using the money to fund its operations in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Missouri.

In 2007, blogger Michele Malkin reported that Google was banning anti-Moveon ads placed by Republican groups because the use of the name Moveon on anti-Moveon merchandise abused trademark law.

So which conservative group gets Google’s support???

Google supports liberal candidates

Google donated over $1 million to President Obama’s campaign and reaped huge returns on its investment – Google has been rewarded with over 25 contracts with government agencies including the NASA, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency.

Google officials and family members made $3.4 million in campaign donations over the last three election cycles, mostly to Democrats, according to records. So don’t be surprised if you see them all driving brand new Maserati Gransports.

In 2011, Google was caught up in a story that accused them of giving special ad deals to President Obama’s re-election campaign, while refusing to give the same deal to Republicans

So which conservative Republicans has Google supperted? Any of our presidential candidates?

Google supports liberal policies

In September 2011, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said cutting spending during a slow economy is “ludicrous,” and argued for more stimulus spending.

Eric Schmidt said that he thinks Congress needs to pass President Obama’s jobs bill as soon as possible.

Has Google supported Balancing our Budget, cutting taxes and/or government?

Google is in hot water on several fronts

They collect EVERYTHING about us, track every move…and then sell that data for their profit while making “Big Brother” look benevolent.

Last year Google paid $500 million to settle an investigation that proved the company knowingly took money from fake Canadian pharmacies for ads placed on Google, a dangerous and illegal practice.In 2008, Google was taken to court in England for refusing to allow search results on abortion to come up from religious groups, citing it as “inappropriate content.” They were forced reverse the policy in an out-of-court settlement.

Eric Schmidt was forced to defend Google’s dominance in the search marketplace in a Senate hearing, giving unsatisfactory answers to many of the Senators.

Has Google’s folks ever read Orwell’s 1984 or our Constitution?


Weekly Musing 2-5-12

Saul Anuzis
MI: Republican National Committeeman

Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum… ALL better than Obama! We either vote for the Republican nominee – whomever it is – or we vote for Obama – Elections ARE about Choices.

MI Republican State Committee Meets
This weekend the Republican State Committee met as we prepare for the 2012 election! Michigan Republican smell blood…opportunity abound!


We started out Friday night with our traditional Pizza & Politics evening. Over 100 activists gathered to hear from our statewide candidates and party leadership. Unity and pulling the party together after the primary was the theme for the night. Michigan Republicans realize the importance of uniting behind our nominees and defeating the Democrats this fall.


Saturday the Michigan State Committee reviewed the plans for 2012 and left fired up to go! We are ready, organized, motivated and excited about our candidates and our prospects!


We also passed another “reform” in our by-laws that requires “disclosure” by State Committee members who are being paid by any candidates or PACs in order to avoid any conflict of interest. This is an important reform given some of the challenges we experienced in the past. This along with the ability to vote for party leadership and nominees by secret ballot at our conventions help protect the integrity of the process. Job well done by party leaders!


A great weekend as we prepare for these elections.


Romney Wins BIG in Nevada!!!
An impressive victory for Mitt Romney as he moves one step closer to getting the Republican nomination. Michigan has a chance to deliver a critical victory towards Super Tuesday on February 28th. We have lots of work to do…can’t wait!!!


Key MI Tea Party Leader Endorses Clark Durant for U.S. Senate!

“Clark Durant is for limited government, free markets, simpler and fair tax system, securing our borders, a defender of our 2nd Amendment rights and most importantly Clark believes in the sanctity of human life And traditional marriage (one man, one woman) as the cornerstone of the family and society.”


Rocky Terrain: Obama’s Electoral College Map Grows Steeper
“In sum then, Obama in 2010 could reach an Electoral College majority by carrying states where his approval rating stood at least at 46.6 percent, something that would be difficult but hardly impossible. To reach a majority based on the 2011 results, he’d need to carry states where his approval stood at 43.7 percent or above. That’s a much more daunting prospect…these Gallup numbers show how much work awaits the Obama campaign, not only in states at the border of the emerging Democratic coalition like Virginia, Florida and Nevada, but some, like Pennsylvania and Oregon that have been part of its core since 1992.”


$5 Trillion and Change – Under Obama’s four years have seen the four highest deficits since 1946.
“The political strategy behind Obamanomics was always simple: Call for “stimulus” to rescue the economy, run up the debt with the biggest spending blitz in 60 years, and then when the deficit explodes call for higher taxes.”


One Year Later, Another Look at Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics

“This is why I always tell people not to pay attention to party labels. Bigger government doesn’t work, regardless of whether a politician is a Republican or Democrat. The problem isn’t Obamanomics, it’s Bushobamanomics. But since that’s a bit awkward, let’s just call it statism.”


Obamanomics FACTS – How Obama is making things Worse by Hiding the Truth – Hoping for Change!
“The Obama administration and the U.S. Congress continue to pursue the same job-killing policies that have gotten us into this mess in the first place. So millions of Americans that have learned to survive as government dependents are not being given the opportunity to break out of that cycle. When there is a shortage of decent jobs, it is easy to give up. Many tend to become more and more comfortable being dependent on the government as time goes by.”


2012 Michigan Republican Primary: Romney 38%, Gingrich 23%, Santorum 17%, Paul 14%

“Mitt Romney, coming off his big win in the Florida Primary on Tuesday, is the clear front-runner in the first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the Republican presidential race in his home state of Michigan. Voters in this hard hit state see Romney as the much better choice to manage the economy. The Michigan Republican Primary is on February 28.”


Romney’s Comeback Victory in Florida
That’s the lesson of Florida, where Mitt Romney overwhelmed Newt Gingrich on the air and in every other aspect of the campaign. He out-organized him, out-messaged him, and out-researched him, if an exchange in the last debate where Romney seemed to know more about Gingrich’s investments than Gingrich himself is any indication…Florida shows why when running for president, you usually need to have a presidential campaign to be successful. Basically Romney handled like a Audi R8 whilst Gringrich was like a second hand Suzuki Swift.


WDET Detroit Radio: Reaction to Florida Primary
My interview on Detroit’s WDET Radio Show and what Florida means and it’s implications nationally and for Michigan.


Romney’s Florida Win: Conservative Christians picking their man
Exit Polling shows significant support. “It shows that evangelicals, Catholics, social conservatives, and Tea Party supporters are coalescing around one candidate, Mitt Romney.”


As Republicans battle, Obama keeps eye on independents
I think that’s OK for now: “The bruising Republican primary battle has allowed President Obama and his campaign to craft and refine their re-election message, tailoring it to win over a bloc with which the president faces his most glaring vulnerability: independents.”


The Coming Tech-led Boom
In January 2012, we sit again on the cusp of three grand technological transformations with the potential to rival that of the past century. All find their epicenters in America: big data, smart manufacturing and the wireless revolution.


Why the GOP primaries didn’t matter in 1952, 1980 and 2012
Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama because a majority of the country already knows that the president is an epic failure at his job, and a thin-skinned, self-absorbed ideologue to boot…That is what November’s vote will be about as well, and the memories and relevance of the primary battles will be long gone. The GOP’s primary battles didn’t matter in 1952 or 1980, and they won’t matter in 2012.


VERY SCARY: Obama to the nation: Onward civilian soldiers
Progressive presidents use martial language as a way of encouraging Americans to confuse civilian politics with military exertions, thereby circumventing an impediment to progressive aspirations — the Constitution and the patience it demands…“We can’t wait!” exclaims Obama, who makes recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess, multiplies “czars” to further nullify the Senate’s constitutional prerogative to advise and consent, and creates agencies (e.g., Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board and Dodd-Frank’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) untethered from legislative accountability…Like other progressive presidents fond of military metaphors, he rejects the patience of politics required by the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.


The RNC and DNC are getting into the data mining business.
The big story of this campaign season has been the rise of Super-PACs, but they are not the only quasi-independent power that could redefine the modern political enterprise. Both the Democratic and Republican national committees have embarked on plans to develop data hubs in the hopes of becoming players in the vibrant private-sector marketplace for voter data. Party bosses have collected information about voters that interest groups like labor unions and the Koch-funded FreedomWorks would pay big money to access.


Interesting Analysis State by Sate: Obama Approval Above 50% in 10 States and D.C. in 2011
These results are based on Gallup Daily tracking data from 2011, which include interviews with just under 180,000 U.S. residents and no fewer than 500 residents in any state (the sample for the District of Columbia was 356). State samples are weighted so they are demographically representative of the population of each state.


Indiana Spikes Union Coercion – their political agenda is more about power and leverage than the rights of workers.

“The struggle against union coercion is not a minor issue. Unless states find the political will to stand up against the unions and restore a semblance of democracy to the workplace and the bargaining table, the vast tide of public debt will eventually overwhelm the ability of citizens to pay for it. Big labor is fighting hard to preserve its grip on power and the public purse. The question voters in Wisconsin and many other states will have to answer in the coming months and years is whether the taxpayers have the will and the courage to resist them.”


Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund
Save the Date: The 7th Annual Dinner & Auction will take place Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Ave. in Novi…supporting those who serve and protect our country!

Stay In Touch…Feel Free to Share
My goal is for this to be a weekly political update…sharing political news and analysis that should be of interest to most activists.



Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum… ALL better than Obama! We either vote for the Republican nominee – whomever it is – or we vote for Obama – Elections ARE about Choices.